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Bailout of Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific gets investors' scrutiny

2020/6/14 19:25:19
After the Hong Kong government said it would spend about USD 5 billion to bail out Cathay Pacific, analysts remained skeptical on the company's long-term outlook, even though the rescue plan will address some short-term cash issues. Analysts noted that the airline's problems will linger because a swift rebound in global aviation travel, which has been dented by the coronavirus pandemic, is not on the horizon. And the airline had already been suffering from a decline in business and leisure travelers as a result of anti-government protests last year.

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Four Points by Sheraton Chengdu, Pujiang Resort traffic info

Business zone:Pujiang/Chaoyang Lake Scenic Area
Address:Sichuan · Chengdu · pujiangxian - Grande Valley, No.88 Shun Cheng Road, Pujiang County, Chengdu,, Pujiangxian District, China